The Field for Calibration is the Electrical Parameters and Low Temperature up to 150 C
We use the Fluke 5502A Multifunction Calibrator and the Fluke 8846A Hi res Multimeter  as our Standards.

The Fluke Dry Block 9124 temperature standard gives up temperature up to 150C

With these we can give you the confidence to make accurate measurements all the time !




Fluke 5502A Calibrator has AC Voltage, DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature , Current and Power capabilities

These days it is becoming a requirement for all production and on-site equipment to have a valid Calibration Certificate.

Equipment used in the electrical and electronic fields of maintenance and fault finding should be calibrated at lease once a year.

Microvolt Services CC offers a Conformance Certificate.

Our Standards are traceable to SANAS. Hence our laboratory will give you confidence in the accuracy of your equipment.

We offer good turn a round times at reasonable rates.

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